Airport Security Increased

Airport security increased, flyers asked to reach airports 3 hrs before take-off

Air travelers should leave for airports early until month-end due to airport security increased and checks of vehicles approaching terminals and of passengers inside the terminals as this might increase screening time. Secondary ladder point security checks, which need passengers to be frisked again just before they board aircraft, have been made mandatory.

India’s busiest airport, Delhi’s Indra Gandhi International airport (IGIA), has asked domestic and international flyers to reach a minimum of three and four hours, respectively, before their flight departure time for this reason. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has banned entry of visitors and sale of visitor entry passes at airports from August 10 to 30.

The aviation security regulator has issued an alert saying “recent developments pertaining to Jammu and kashmira (J&K) and additional inputs received (show) civil aviation has emerged as a soft target from terrorist attacks” whereas warning metro airports are more vulnerable. it has directed states and airports to enhance security at all aviation facilities including flight training institutes.

Accordingly, BCAS has directed “intensive random checks” of vehicles approaching airports about a km away from the terminal or “as per space availability for such barriers/’naka’/vehicle screening point which shall be sufficiently away from airports.” the security regulator has directed states that at least 100 pc of vehicles approaching airports should be checked completely on a random basis using “under view mirror” and the boot space has to be checked too.

The BCAS alert will be in force till August 31 or further order. whereas aviation security is increased each year in the run-up to August 15, it is more rigorous this year due to higher threat perception after the recent developments regarding J&K.“Enhanced screening of passengers, including 100 pc full pat-down search at pre-embarkation security check points (will be done). No vehicle to remain parked in front of the terminal building,” the alert says. It calls for strict observance of non-schedule (charter) operations including air-ambulance. check-in baggage and cargo items will need to be screened strictly.

Authorities are alerted to monitor drones, aircraft models and microlites. Airports are asked to station quick reaction teams. Specific instructions have been issued for Delhi airport parking lot security.

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